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János Jáger

Soil engineer  and soil protection expert 


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János Jáger was born in 1953 in Kaposvár and was raised in a family of sugar refinery workers. He graduated from the legal successor of the Sugar Industry Secondary School of Kaposvár, then studied at the College of Irrigation and Melioration in Szarvas.

He spent his trainee years at the Water Management Directorate of Southern Transdanubia, then he gradually turned towards the area of melioration. As the soil expert of the Plant Health and Soil Protection Station of Somogy County, he graduated from the University of Agriculture in Mosonmagyaróvár and obtained a soil engineering degree at the University of Agriculture of Gödöllő. His main professional task was to examine the hardness of soils and to supervise melioration investments as an inspector general responsible for melioration.

He has been a forensic expert since 1992.

He has prepared several soil melioration projects as a contractor in the Southern Transdanubia region since 1993. Until 2008, he was responsible for the preparation of sugar refinery lime sludge in Kaposvár and later he became its sole distributor.
Currently he has licences in the areas of irrigation, urban area and periphery water management, and he is also an environmental protection expert.

He is a member of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers (MMK), the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture (NAK) and the Hungarian Chamber of Forensic Experts (MISZK).

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