For a higher yield

For whom?
For farmers who understand that the continuously cultivated soil needs care.


What is the ideal size?
Farms where a minimum area of 50 hectares requires liming.
Why should it be applied?
Because the pH value has a huge impact on yield

The efficent , productive and natural method of soil improvement.


How does it work?


Step One – Soil pH value

 It is important to know the pH value of the soil, but it is not indispensable. Our soil expert will also help you with that.

Step Two – Purchase and showdown

Our soil expert will examine the area at a plot level before making a recommendation on the amount of lime fertiliser to use. After that, you should order the GeoKalk liming material and, if required, our team will help in organising the application as well.

Step Three – Yield Increase

As a result of the melioration, you can realise a surplus yield. If the amount of GeoKalk liming material you ordered turns out to be more than what you need in the given period, you can store it easily in a depot for the next season.

What happens if you don’t care about whites?

 In Hungary, the majority of soils are acidic which inhibits successful plant production. Several studies have demonstrated that, for acidic soils, saturation increases, and the pH level decreases without liming.

Plant production is less economical and results in a considerably lower yield compared to what can be achieved under the same circumstances with soil at an appropriate pH level, which means you suffer a loss! Moreover, the produced plants are of a poorer quality.

In many areas, the problem has reached the point where the reason for and economic viability of intensive farming is being questioned. Areas prone to soil acidification have a huge lime deficit because of natural acidification and the amount of calcium taken out of the soil by production – sometimes the deficit of the active ingredient CaCO3 is as high as 10 tonnes per hectare.

If the lime state of the soil is not restored, the situation will continue to deteriorate, putting economic viability at risk! The good news is that the lime state can be restored!

Why is the pH value of the soil important?

The productivity of poor, acidic, lime-deficient soil reduces to a fraction.

Avoid this:

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Soil pH value is critical for the yield!


Why is the correct pH value very important?

 Simply because if the soil pH value is not suitable, plants cannot absorb the nutrients from the soil that are required for their growth and production. Neither can they take advantage of fertilisers.

When setting the appropriate pH value, the lime state of the soil is very important.

From the point of view of the yield of various crops, soils with different pH values are ideal (see our diagrams), although they typically reach their maximum yield at a pH value of between 6.0 and 8.0. This is also the range in which they can best utilise the fertiliser introduced. 

Watch our scrollable gallery on the right to discover how the pH value of the soil can cause dramatic differences in crop yields!

Check out the paged gallery on the right to see the dramatic differences in soil pH for each plant’s yield.

Ideal chemical values for maximum yield

The ideal pH ranges from 6.5 to 7.5.

Soil pH and yield

Change in yield per plant as a function of pH.


Why is it worth it?

Soil Regeneration

It restores the soil to a suitable state, enabling a higher yield.


It only contains natural materials and it can also be used in organic farming.


It is easy to store and apply – no special expertise or equipment is needed.

Quick Results

Due to its minimal grain size, it is quickly absorbed, and the results can be seen almost immediately.


It is not only good for short-term symptomatic treatment but also for long-term soil optimisation as there are no ‘adverse side effects’,

Cost- Efficient

No other soil improvement agents are required, so you can save money.


It is easy to store and apply – no special expertise or equipment is needed.


It can be used together with other plant protection products without any problems.

Increasing Yield

You can expect a considerable increase in the yield.

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Why is GeoKalk lime power beneficial?

Because it rapidly and efficiently restores the soil to a suitable chemical state while preventing absorption of heavy metals from the soil.

During soil use – utilisation of slurry, waste water and sewage sludge; new plantations; recultivation – GeoKalk significantly improves the structure of the soil and accelerates the regeneration of soil by creating Ca-colloids, and in doing so, it dramatically improves the maintenance and restoration of fertility.

By increasing the pH value of the soil and bonding the free hydrogen ions in the soil, it significantly inhibits the absorption of heavy metals from the soil. GeoKalk lime powder improves the stability of soil colloids, and so the soil is easier to cultivate and more resistant to soil degradation processes.

This – especially in the light of the results achieved – is an extremely economic, reliable and easy-to-use technology.



  • With liming, you will be able to use a larger production area
  • Because of its particle composition, it dissolves 5 times faster than groats
  • Calcium acts much faster than groats
  • It contains the colloid in the form of lime without any foreign material
  • It improves the nutrient release in soils
  • It improves the structure and cultivability of the soil
  • It improves the quality of the harvest
  • It stabilises the yields
  • It provides a return more quickly
  • It guarantees the preservation of soil quality.


Data and information


If you would like detailed information about GeoKalk lime powder, you can view the detailed data sheet by clicking on the Details button.



60% minimum CaCO3 content

kg/ha minimum amount of calcium carbonate applied

GeoKalk lime powder

GeoKalk lime powder is a grey or yellowish-grey powdery material. It mainly consists of dehydrated sugar refinery lime sludge which, in addition to the minimum 60% of CaCO3, also contains other organic matters and micronutrients.

Since the maximum moisture content of GeoKalk lime powder is 25%, it is especially soft and powdery, and so it can be easily scattered by using the proper equipment. Therefore, it is exceptionally easy to use. Although machine scattering requires some minimal practice, it is sufficient to apply GeoKalk lime powder directly on the ground. It does not need to be ploughed into the soil and it does not have a burning effect.

The storage of GeoKalk lime powder is also simple and economical since it can be deposited without a cover for an unlimited time without deterioration.

What is the recommended amount?

For areas with average acidity (pH 5.8-6), we recommend the application of 3 tonnes per hectare. The ideal time for scattering is after the cereal crop and before stubble cleaning, but the material is available to farmers all year round. The soil improvement effect of the recommended quantity can last as long as 2-3 years. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


We have collected the most frequently asked questions about soil improvement and GeoKalk products. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please write to us.

What does GeoKalk lime powder contain?

It mainly consists of dehydrated sugar refinery lime sludge that, in addition to the minimum 60% of CaCO3, also contains other organic matter and micronutrients. (We provide a certificate for the guaranteed parameters.)


Does the use of GeoKalk lime powder increase the yield?

Yes, it does so by 10% to 50%, depending on the initial pH level of the soil and on the type of the crop. Furthermore, the plants will become healthier.

Why is GeoKalk lime powder good for the soil? How does it make production more economical?

The regular use of GeoKalk lime powder has a long-term chemical, physical and biological effect on the soil. Due to its colloid-forming capacity, it improves soil structure and reduces the energy needs of soil cultivation. It stimulates life in the soil and creates especially favourable conditions for the nitrogen uptake of the plants. It improves the utilisation of nutrients in the root area. Through this, it makes crop production more economical and due to its long-term effect, the results last for several years. Production conditions considerably improve, and crop rotation can be expanded.

What type of liming materials are not recommended?

We do not recommend the use of materials containing CaO (quicklime) because it blocks the life of the soil, causing soil stress.

Where should I use GeoKalk lime powder if I have smaller and larger lime-deficient areas?

We recommend every farm to have a liming programme prepared prior to ordering in which the soil needs can be assigned to the crop structure, and therefore acquisition of the material can really be economic, because it can be delivered at an ideal time just before application. The fastest results can be achieved in less acidic areas, so it is recommended to end the liming programme with the most acidic or lime-deficient saline areas.

How quickly does GeoKalk liming substance work?

Due to its minimal grain size, GeoKalk lime powder has a huge active surface, therefore it works quickly and also protects the soil – the change can be seen almost immediately.

Do we offer scattering of GeoKalk lime powder?

Not at the moment, but we can recommend partners in various parts of Hungary that do offer this service.

How should I store GeoKalk lime powder?
Storing GeoKalk lime powder is easy and inexpensive. It can be deposited without a cover for an unlimited time, without deterioration.


How can GeoKalk lime powder be scattered?

GeoKalk lime powder can be applied with a traditional manure spreader.

How do you establish that my land is lime-deficient?
Based on on-site and laboratory tests.
In what amounts do you provide GeoKalk lime powder?
GeoKalk lime powder is based on a material that is created in sugar refineries during the processing of the sugar beet. Unfortunately, this material has only limited availability in Hungary in terms of quantity and geography. However, we are able to provide our partners with homogeneous GeoKalk lime powder of the same quality throughout the country and throughout the year.
Who arranges the delivery of GeoKalk lime powder?
Normally, delivery is arranged by GeoKalk Kft. with CPT parity, but in the case of individual needs, we can use other parities as well.
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