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For a higher yield

For whom?

Farmers who are aware of the need to take care of the soil condition in addition to continuous cultivation.

Ideal size?

Farms with a minimum of 50 ha in need of calcium supplementation.


Because the pH of the soil has a big influence on the average yield.

Geokalk soil improver


Geokalk soil improver

GeoKalk Soil improver is a grey, yellowish-grey powdery material containing a minimum of 60% CaCO3 and other organic matter and trace elements.

The efficent , productive and natural method of soil improvement.


How it works?

Step 1 - Contact

Our soil experts will contact you.

Step 2 - Purchasing and spreading
In each case, our forensic soil experts will assess the area at plot level before recommending the amount of calcium to be added. You can then order GeoKalk soil improver, and our team can help you organise the spreading if required.
Step 3 - Yield increase

As a result of the melioration, you can realise a surplus yield. If the amount of GeoKalk liming material you ordered turns out to be more than what you need in the given period, you can store it easily in a depot for the next season

„A fantastic product that has restored the balance of the soil. It has already produced visible results in both quantity and quality of harvested produce. I can only recommend it.”

András Tóth


I didn't know what was wrong with my land, and then Mr. Jáger, as an expert, examined it and found a lime deficiency, so with the help of Geokalk and lime mud, my land is fertile again. Thank you!

Lajos Németh


What happens when
NOT dealing with calcium supplementation??

A general introduction to GeoKalk soil improver as a material with specific soil improvement properties:

Composition of:

  • average moisture content of 28%.
  • has an average CaCO3 content of 64%, so 1 tonne of soil improver contains an average of 640 kg of CaCO3
  • it contains also a minimum of micro, macro elements, which are also very important for both the plant and the soil

It is durable and can improve soil quality for several years:

  • changes the pH of the soil, making it more favourable for the plant to grow in an optimal environment
  • improves fertiliser utilisation by maximising the incorporation of nitrogen through the action of the right amount of calcium
  • the soil will have better water-holding capacity, which will reduce the damage caused by drought, the biggest problem in recent seasons, by ensuring a longer period of adequate water supply to the crop
  • soil aeration is optimal with sufficient calcium, which improves oxygenation and thus soil structure,
  • helps the soil to warm up early (allowing earlier sowing)

reduces the cost of soil management

higher crop yields can be achieved by using

environmentally friendly, recommended for organic farming

can be spread evenly, even on crops, for optimum coverage

is washed in by precipitation (no need to apply), no scorching effect on the plant,

goes into solution very quickly, so it acts immediately in the direction of the soil and the plant (rootlets), without hindering rootlet development,

Soils well supplied with calcium by GeoKalk soil improver will not become more acidic,

The active surface area of soil amendments (that can react with the soil solution) depends on the particle size. 1 tonne of 3-5 mm granules has an active surface area of about 1 hectare, while the same amount of colloidal lime mud granules (0.01 mm) can have an active surface area of up to 5 hectares

applying the right amount of GeoKalk soil improver can provide calcium continuously until the plant matures and there will be no shortage periods during plant development

Avoid this:


Every plant needs something different

Soil pH is critical for yield!

Why is it important to have the right pH value?

If the soil pH is not right, plants cannot take up the nutrients they need from the soil to grow and produce. Among other things, they cannot use fertiliser, so the cost of fertiliser is wasted.

The calcium content of the soil is very important in setting the right pH.

Soils with different pH values are ideal for different crops (see our diagrams), but typically soils with a pH of 6.0-7.5 are at their maximum yield and can make best use of the fertiliser applied.

Check out the paged gallery on the right to see the dramatic differences in soil pH for each plant’s yield.

Ideal chemical values for maximum yield

The ideal pH ranges from 6.5 to 7.5.

Soil pH and yield

Change in yield per plant as a function of pH.


Why is it worth it?

Soil regeneration

It restores the soil to its proper condition, giving you the potential for higher yield.


Contains only natural ingredients, even for use on organic farms.

Safe to use

It is completely safe to use, does not etch or burn plants.

Fast effect

Due to its minimal grain size, it is quickly absorbed and therefore acts almost immediately.


Nem csak rövidtávú tüneti kezelésre, de hosszú távú talajoptimalizációra is jó, nincsenek „káros mellékhatásai”


You don't need to use other soil conditioners, so you save money.


Both storage and application are simple, requiring no special skills or equipment.


It can be used in conbination with other plant protection products without causing problems.

Increasing yields

You can expect a significant increase in returns.



We’re happy to answer you!


Frequently asked questions

We have collected the most frequently asked questions about soil improvement and GeoKalk products. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please contact us.

What does GeoKalk soil improver contain?

Mainly dehydrated lime mud, containing a minimum of 60% CaCO3 and other organic substances and trace elements..

Does using GeoKalk soil improver increase yields?

Yes, from 10% up to 50%, depending on the initial pH of the soil and the crop, in addition the plants will be healthier.

Why is GeoKalk soil improver good for the soil? How does it make production more economical?

Regular use of GeoKalk soil improver has a long-term chemical, physical and biological effect on the soil. It improves soil structure and reduces the energy demand of tillage due to its colloid-forming effect. It stimulates soil life, creating particularly favourable conditions for nitrogen uptake by plants. Improves nutrient utilisation in the root zone. This makes crop production more economical and its long-lasting effect makes it effective over several years. Production conditions will be significantly improved and the crop structure can be extended.

Where should I use GeoKalk soil improver if I have small areas with major calcium deficiencies?

For all farms, we recommend the preparation of a liming programme before ordering, in which the soil requirement can be assigned to the seeding structure, and thus the purchase of the material can be a real cost-saver, because it can be delivered at an ideal time before the application date. The fastest results can be achieved in less acidic areas, and it is recommended that the liming programme be completed in the most acidic or calcium deficient saline areas.

How fast does the GeoKalk soil improver work?

Because of its minimal particle size, it has a huge surface area, so it is gentle on the soil and acts quickly, with almost instantaneous change.

Can we also help with the spreading of soil improver?

On request, our partners can apply the calcium supplement throughout the country.

How should GeoKalk soil improver be stored?

Storage is simple and cheap. It is sufficient to store in a depot, where it can be stored indefinitely without deterioration and without covering.

How can GeoKalk soil improver be spread?

GeoKalk soil improver can be spread with a conventional organic fertiliser spreader.

How can I tell if my soil is lacking of calcium?

The vast majority of domestic soils are calcium deficient. If soil sample results are available, our experts will review them and make a recommendation free of charge.

How much GeoKalk soil improver can you provide?

We are able to offer our partners homogeneous GeoKalk soil improver with the same quality indicators throughout the year. The minimum order quantity is 100 tonnes.

Who arranges the delivery of GeoKalk soil improver?

After consultation, the GeoKalk Ltd. team will take care of the complete delivery.


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